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Hey folks, this is the shortest, simplest article ever. We want to stay in touch with you: see what’s happening in your business, share your quotes and pictures, problem solve together and maybe even get you some work.

We can be found at “@getservicebox” on both Instagram and Twitter, and “ServiceBox” on Facebook. Follow us! We’ll follow you back and keep an eye on your posts. Service techs love to post pictures of good workmanship, and we like to share them with a shout out to let the world know about the top notch work our clients do. Maybe we can connect you with future clients of your own?

Also, in the days ahead we’re going to be starting some Facebook groups that might interest you…places where service companies post ideas and questions, frustrations they’re facing and the fixes we’re discovering. Our hope is to pool our collective experience and connect people who have questions, with people who’ve found answers. Hopefully we can all learn from each other. Keep an eye on our facebook account for more info coming soon.

Or, for more information, contact our Media Associate, at: