Happy Thanksgiving America! We’re so thankful for our customers, and want to create a software that engenders the same warm feelings in our hard working service companies. So we’ve loaded ServiceBox up with lots of little practical time-saving features, and every now and then a customer will voice pleasant surprise about a feature they discovered after-the-fact. For companies where techs in the field may be incurring out-of-pocket expenses, there’s such a lovely little feature tucked away in ServiceBox that sometimes falls between the cracks.  If you do not already have this feature enabled in ServiceBox, you will need to turn on the feature by going to Settings -> Features and select “Expenses”.  

When employees are incurring expenses related to a job, any technician out of pocket expenses, they caClaiming Personal Expenses 1n claim those costs right in the work orders. There’s an easy-to-find “Expenses” section you can access by clicking the clock-shaped “Time and Materials” icon in the top tool bar (second from the left). Filling in your information here will add it to the work order and cause it to also fill in automatically in the timesheet.

But what if your techs incur expenses that are not appropriate to add to the work order, yet still need to be reimbursed?

Claiming Personal Expenses 2Once you have Expenses enabled inside of Features, employees will also be able to add expenses directly from the timesheet. To do this, an employee can open up their timesheet and they will see 2 tabs, on the right is the tab to enter in Expenses.  Clicking on that allows you to list your expense (under “Type”), and attach an image of the purchased object or receipt (under “Attachment”). Easy peasy.

If you need help turning on the Expenses function, just click the feedback button and ask. One of our techs will be in touch in no time. It’s our pleasure. And speaking of pleasure…bring on the candied yams!