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Checklists Made Easier

In response to some excellent suggestions from our customers, ServiceBox will be rolling out new Checklist features later this summer…

ServiceBox checklists will now have a small “status” feature that can be toggled to indicate whether the list is complete or incomplete.

We’re also adding the ability to include checklists automatically to recurring work orders. The whole point of ServiceBox is to eliminate duplicated tasks and save you time, so: no more having to select the same checklists to attach to recurring work orders. When a user is creating their recurring w.o., they’ll have the ability to choose which checklists automatically appear, with a default “incomplete” setting.

Finally, we’ve had some companies request more elaborate custom layouts for printable checklists, and the answer is Yes, that option will soon exist. For a small one-time fee, we will sit with you to organize a layout specific to your business.