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Gremlins: Stopping Problems Before They Start

Oh sure, I look cute now…

Gremlins. Soft, cute, adorable, easy…until something goes wrong, then all heck breaks loose! We asked some of our employees what Gremlins they see coming after our customers, and if there’s any easy-care instructions that can stop them from becoming monsters to begin with. Some of these might seem ridiculously simple, but so does not feeding a gremlin after midnight. DON’T FEED THEM AFTER MIDNIGHT PEOPLE! Here’s what our team had to say:

(Names have been Halloween-ized to protect the innocent.)

Lee Blood-band, and Krushna Kul-Carnage:

Definitely the Password Reset Gremlin. When someone forgets a password or gets locked out of their account, there’s a password reset link on the login page, and sometimes this turns into a bit of a mess for people. The process works like this: when you hit that link, we’ll send you a password to get you into your account, but for security purposes it can only be used once. Once you use that, you’re given the chance to reset a password of your own that you’ll remember.

The two most common problems we see is a) people type the new password too quickly and think it hasn’t worked, when it actually is just spelled wrong, and b) people use the password we send them to access their account, but forget to choose a new password of their own. The next time they go to enter ServiceBox with the temporary password, it doesn’t work and they find themselves right back where they started. The easiest solution is to make sure and choose and set a password you can remember the first time you log in.

Mike Ooooooodel:

One thing I can come up with is the Upgrading Sage 50 Gremlin. Canadian users will upgrade their Sage 50 accounting software before we’ve announced our Sage 50 connector upgrade, and then are confused when the interface doesn’t seem to work. If people wait to do the software upgrade until we’ve announced the connector upgrade, the change will go without a hitch.

Scott Scares-gard:

Oh, I would say the “Sub Domain Doesn’t Exist” Gremlin. If a ServiceBox user is getting a “sub domain does not exist” message when they try to enter ServiceBox, it often means the software has disconnected because the credit card on file has expired or been cancelled. Just double check to make sure the expiry date on the card is still valid, and the most recent payment has gone through. Give us a call, and we can process the new card, or figure out what else might be going on.

Mike Oooooooodel:

I’ve got one more! The Disappearing Quote Gremlin. Sometimes people will refer back to an old quote, and discover that it’s missing from their list. In the “Quotes” tab of your Settings, there is an option to have Quotes move to an “Expired” page after a pre-determined number of months. That option can be modified to any number of months, or turned off completely, here:

Choosing “Never” in the right hand column will keep all Quotes in your active list for all time. In the meantime, none of the Quotes have disappeared. They can be found by simply clicking the “Expired” link at the top of the list.