Cash Rewards! Our Referral Program 1We thought Christmas was a good time to remind you about our Referral Reward Program! We’ve discovered that many of our customers are bringing new business to us by word of mouth, and we wanted to find a way to thank you!

Here’s our plan: if a ServiceBox customer refers someone to us who wants to demo our product, and that new customer follows through and chooses ServiceBox, a $150 Amazon card from ServiceBox gets emailed to you!  OR, if you prefer, we’ll credit you a $150 discount on your next ServiceBox bill ($50 for mini-plans).

If you’ve chatted with someone, and suspect they might give us a call, click on this link:   It takes you straight to the referral page, and it’s as simple as entering your and your friend’s contact information. This way, if they sign up, you’ll be on file as the referrer and your gift card will be emailed to you as soon as we process their start-up fee. It’s our way of saying we’re glad you’re enjoying our product, and grateful you’re sharing your story with others.

Cash Rewards! Our Referral Program 2