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We were amazed at how much more efficient we have become, and are very thankful for the tangible increases we see in our key business metrics after having implemented ServiceBox as a tool in our company.

Curtis Brown
General Manager - Glossworks




Decorative Concrete Polishing and Stone

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Regina, SK

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GlossWorks work flow was controlled using Excel spreadsheets for things like quotes, work orders and invoicing. It became impossible for the owners to keep up on the volume of projects. Administrative time increased pulling the owners away from doing sales, getting jobs done, and making money.


The company needed a solution that would minimize the hundreds of lost hours spent on administrative tasks, eliminate information errors and simplify work flow. After trying dozens of software systems, GlossWorks decided on ServiceBox.

Improved Business Operations


GlossWorks realized the tangible benefits of a technologically streamlined way of operating their business. It met all of GlossWorks basic requirements through ServiceBox’s rich set of functionality. ServiceBox reduced administrative tasks and gave sales team significantly more time during the day to spend following up with customers, leading to more closed deals and sales.

Increased Revenues

18.4% increase to Monthly Revenue Year over Year

Increase in Closed Deals

32% increase in Closed Deal / Quote Ratio

Reduced Admin Time

93% reduction in workflow admin time

Improved Quality

Improved to 100% First Time Quality (FTQ) on Jobs.

Eliminated Errors

Clerical Errors rate on Workorders/Quotes/Invoices reduced from 5.2% to 0%

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Notes on Above Results

  • - FTQ is the percentage of jobs done right the first time that doesn't require remobilization to site to fix errors or incomplete work that resulted from communication errors on the old work order system
      - Revenue increase is attributed to a combination of, more time for salesmen to follow up with customers and land jobs, automatic reminders set for salesmen to follow up with quoted customers who otherwise would have been forgotten about, less lost time and inefficiency of work crews due to lack of information,100% FTQ which has resulted in less time sending crews back to previous jobs sites; instead they are now always working on new revenue-generating jobs
    • - Because GlossWorks can now automatically schedules preventative maintenance (PM) work orders to service and go through our equipment, they experience virtually no breakdowns on site anymore and this keeps machines/workers productivity high. The PM work orders are completed on “rain days” or “slow days” so the equipment is in tip top shape on the next job.
    • -GlossWorks expects this to increase even more every month as we become even more experienced with ServiceBox and its features
  • ServiceBox is a great tool, especially for small businesses. There are helpful videos to get you started and great customer support for all other needs.
    Leslie Afedo
    Engineering Intern - Sound Solar Systems
  • It is really good Product, user-friendly and easily understands. Buying this worth value of money.
    Tejas Patel
  • I highly recommend this software to any business owner that is in need of a great scheduling tool. It has made managing our day to day operations a breeze and saves so much time. I had looked at many different options and this one is definitely the best.
    Christie Bjolverud
    Cleaning with Class
  • I have been using ServiceBox for almost a year now and it is a great tool to have for creating work orders. I have had customers tell me how professional the work orders look and how easy it is to quickly review the work we performed.
    Shaun Reich
    President - STR Equipment Services Ltd.
  • Really user friendly. Excellent support. Very customizable compared to other programs we have used. The ability to sync with our accounting program is invaluable.
    Tania Orr
    Full Throttle Furnace & Duct Cleaning Inc.
  • We love the product, it has helped move our business to the next level. We are able to invoice our customers faster as our technicians can close the job onsite. We know where our technicians are and we are able to dispatch more efficiently.
    Joy White
    Controller, Atlas Sewer Services