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Claiming Personal Expenses

Happy Thanksgiving America! We’re so thankful for our customers, and want to create a software that engenders the same warm feelings in our hard working service companies. So we’ve loaded ServiceBox up with lots of little practical time-saving features, and every now and then a customer will voice pleasant surprise about a feature they discovered

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Bacon Wrapped, Apple Pie Pork Tenderloin

Is the turkey getting old? Or maybe it’s just getting lonely, and wants another entrée on the table to keep it company? This recipe is a sure-fire winner…an explosion of taste that your guests will thank you for, and have you asking “how did I not think of this before?” Bacon-wrapped, apple pie tenderloin.  Yes…pork

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Gremlins: Stopping Problems Before They Start

Gremlins. Soft, cute, adorable, easy…until something goes wrong, then all heck breaks loose! We asked some of our employees what Gremlins they see coming after our customers, and if there’s any easy-care instructions that can stop them from becoming monsters to begin with. Some of these might seem ridiculously simple, but so does not feeding

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3 Tricks for Getting More out of ServiceBox

ServiceBox is a big program with lots of moving parts…so it may be there’s still a few tiny buttons and levers here and there you haven’t noticed, that could make your life simpler. Here’s 3 tricks for getting more out of our software: 1.   Email Confirmation Notes. “Did I or did I not email that

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Connect With Us On Social Media!

Hey folks, this is the shortest, simplest article ever. We want to stay in touch with you: see what’s happening in your business, share your quotes and pictures, problem solve together and maybe even get you some work. We can be found at “@getservicebox” on both Instagram and Twitter, and “ServiceBox” on Facebook. Follow us!

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