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Benefits of Using Contractor Software

Contractors are involved in schedules and activities that entail thorough and detailed planning. Managing a project will need you to keep track of all the details – Blueprints, plans, change orders. Not to mention the paperwork needed from human resources. Plus, you’ll be expected to prudently manage each and every action that you undertake. Luckily, contractors don’t need to be overwhelmed by the bulk of documenting and storing hardcopy paperwork, thanks to the availability of contractor software. The multitude of advantages of using contractor management software is undeniable, considering the many compelling reasons you should know.

Customer Management

Having a project management software will help you manage interactions with past, prospective, and current customers. This will have a positive effect in boosting customer satisfaction and help keep everyone organized. You can track phone messages, email, documents, appointments, and more. Plus, it will be easier for you to locate and access all records whether you’re in the office or out in the field. This will allow you to give better reports. Your employees are also better placed to manage relationships in the field. This also helps eliminate double entry of records back at the office

Job-Site Management

Resourced contractor software allows you to plan resource mobilization. You’ll know what quantity of each type of resource required and when it’s needed. This is extremely beneficial for contracting companies as it’ll allow you to schedule personnel to work orders more efficiently based on the resources they have. Importantly, the software will provide feedback on whether the contractor work is going on according to schedule and whether it’ll be completed in time. You can take action to recover the slippage when it’s detected by the software. This may include working extended shifts or even bringing on additional resources.

Task Management

Planning is an essential component of a contractor’s operations. The software tools allow you to create detailed plans for project-tasks or activities. Contractor software also allows you to quickly get a complete view of the tasks of a firm. Moreover, they help ensure operations are well organized, particularly if you can integrate them with other software like those used for job costing, invoicing, and document management. In addition, you can benefit from these project snapshots particularly in times when crucial decisions have to be made. It helps that most contractor management software come with notifications or alerts to remind staff of the progress of a job and of the tasks remaining that are yet to be completed.

Job Scheduling

Many contractors see job scheduling as an opportunity their client can use to bash and penalize them. However, this can also be an opportunity to make sure that their client meets their obligations (like providing information and access) timeously. Having an approved project schedule can be a valuable aid when you’re preparing claims for extension of time. With a properly resourced job schedule, it’s possible to alter the sequencing of activities and shorten or extend durations in such a way that you smoothen and optimize the utilization of resources. This will help maintain continuity of resources and reduce the peak resource demands, thereby eliminating the need to demobilize and then remobilize resources again at additional costs.

Time Sheet Management

By, default, contractor software requires both starting and ending points. This will enable you to assess whether the stipulated duration by the client is achievable. You’ll not want to win a contractor project with an impossible time schedule where you’d be penalized for late completion. If you can’t meet the client’s time schedule, then you can submit an alternative contractor bid based on your time schedule, or you can opt to not bid for the project. You can also drag-and-drop tasks into your field technicians’ profile on a calendar to schedule them. This allows the office staff to see who is available, thus avoiding double bookings. You will save time by reducing paper work and eliminating the need for back-and-forth calls from the office to the field.

You can certainly gain a lot from using contractor management software. A properly constructed contractor schedule will provide an opportunity to efficiently and effectively manage your project and to make sure that the client meets their obligations. Ensure that the software you’re using is reliable, and compatible with industry standards. It’ll be preferable if it’s cloud-based to ensure easy accessibility from anywhere and anytime.  In addition, it’d greatly help if the software chosen supports integrating other business software (such as accounting software) and that it’s customizable.


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