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5 Ways to Boost Revenue With Field Service Management Software

Managing a Service company is a tough job. Between organizing and scheduling appointments and doing all the back-end paperwork, there’s hardly a moment to keep up with employees in the field.

That’s why field service management software is integral to so many service companies.

Field Service Management Software provides you with the transparency and insights you need to properly manage technicians in the field.

In this article, you’ll learn how these revenue-boosting benefits and best practices can help your business.

Improve Travel Times

Accurate Resource Allocation

Improved Customer Service

Greater Accountability

Reduced Fuel Costs

What Is Field Service Management Software?

Field Service Management software is a system to manage off-site resources of a company.

These systems commonly include some or all of the following functionality:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Technician routing
  • Dispatching
  • Contract Management
  • Employee management
  • Customer management
  • On-site management (e.g., note-taking, payment processing)

Despite these great features, many Service Based business owners are still not using general field service software, let alone software that integrates with their accounting software.

In fact, 71 percent of Service businesses aren’t using any kind of software to manage their field operations.

When we look at data for those businesses that do use field service software, however, we find some compelling stats:

  • 68 percent use scheduling software
  • 64 percent use routing capabilities
  • 49 percent use work order capabilities

Obviously, your peers in this space see the value of Field Service tracking systems. Now, let’s dig deeper into the specific benefits of this software.

Transparency to Improve Travel Times

The most obvious benefit of Field Service Management software is the transparency it provides, allowing you to monitor and direct your technicians in the field.

With a field service system, users can pinpoint technicians’ locations and dispatch them to the nearest job(s).

This makes it much easier to manage schedule adjustments and emergency jobs that pop up throughout the day.

Accurate Resource Allocation

Another advantage of Field Service Management software is that it offers insight into which trucks in the field possess which tools, parts, equipment and more.

Few things are worse for a Service company than dispatching an ill-equipped technician to an appointment. That’s why the mash-up of real-time inventory management, routing and dispatching capabilities these systems offer is so valuable.

With this ability in hand, you can ensure you’re not only routing the closest tech to the job, but also the closest tech who is properly equipped.

Our research shows that 78 percent of field service companies using field service management software see an improvement in first-call resolution rates.

Completing jobs on time will make it easier for your dispatchers to maintain the overall schedule. And this will help improve customer service and experiences, too.

Improved Customer Service

The enhanced routing and dispatching capabilities of Field Service Management software offer many benefits. Perhaps the most impactful of these benefits is the opportunity to improve customer service and experiences.

Our consumer research reveals some striking data:

    • 64 percent of customers we surveyed would never rehire a Service company if the technician arrived an hour or more late for a scheduled appointment.
    • 23 percent wouldn’t rehire a company that was 30 minutes late.
    • 12 percent would never rehire a company that was 15 minutes late.

Clearly, the punctuality of your technicians is crucial not only for delivering great customer service but also for ensuring repeat business.

This is where Field Service Management systems can help: 90 percent of service businesses we surveyed saw an improvement in their punctuality and arrival times after adopting the software.

Greater Accountability

Not only does Field Service Management software enable employees to be more successful, it also helps you hold employees accountable.

You can easily monitor your technicians’ whereabouts and time spent at various locations—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what these systems can do.

However, it’s not all about preventing your employees from doing the wrong things. It’s critical to engage with and monitor your techs just as you would any other team.

Reduced Fuel Costs

As you might expect, one direct outcome of more efficient routing is a drop in fuel costs.

After all, if you’re not driving as far or sitting in traffic as often, your fuel costs should naturally decrease. Our research shows that service businesses using Field Service Software do see an improvement in their average fuel costs.

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