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5 Reasons Top Contractors Win More Work

In every industry, some companies are more successful than others. Some would conclude it’s the way they manage their resources, have a strong workforce, or they are just lucky. We went searching to understand just what those who excel are doing to consistently finding more work than their competition. We found 5 things that came up over and over again.

Why some contractors win more work?

Use of technology

Contrary to the past where contractors used paper-based methods, the modern-day contractors have embraced the use of contractor software. The whole process of placing multiple bids at the same time has been made easy. No longer do contractors have to deal with overhead costs such as employing an extra person to manage these tasks. The use of software improves the accuracy and timeliness of placing bids to prospective clients. The software has also been used to track the movement of materials, labor and in calculating profit margins.  

Familiar with the costs

A successful contractor is one who can accurately estimate the cost of a whole construction project. This is an essential tool to win more work for your company. The ability to estimate the price gives the customer confidence that you can deliver the project.

Most contractors use cost estimating software to accurately estimate project costs. Those who have adopted the use of technology can extra information from their data quickly and provide accurate bids. Some clients could opt for the cheapest contractors. This calls for a well thought out cost estimation plan to help win the job.

Bidding strategy

To win more work, contractors need a bidding strategy. Having a well-planned strategy can go a long way in finding you more work. For starters, find the kind of jobs that you likely to get hired unlike bidding on every project. Finding your niche is the way forward. For example, if your company has a tendency of building institutions such as schools then bid on school projects. Winning this job would be easy because you have a

reputation and experience to back you up. Another strategy would be evaluating the customer. Do not waste time on projects that are already overcrowded with bids. The chances of winning are slim.


Develop Relationships

Most people will easily relate to people they have interacted with before. Relationships developed outside work can help contractors win more jobs. A friend that you met at a fishing expedition could easily reward you a project because they know you personally. Therefore, developing customer relationships is important. Without proper relationships, contractors may be forced to lower their bidding prices to win a contract. Relationships also help build trust between the contractor and the customer. This makes winning work easier.


Some customers request a referral book before awarding any project. A referral book is a list of past clients the contractor has worked for before. The referral clients can be contacted to give an overview of the work that was done by the said contractor. Having many positive referrals is a recipe for more work.Therefore, most successful contractors have referrals who can testify positively on their behalf.

Winning more work as a contractor demands effort. Simply placing multiple bids for every project will not win you the most jobs. It requires proper strategy and the application of the right technologies.


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