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5 Reasons Contractors Should Adopt Software

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Contractors and construction companies are involved in activities that require meticulous and detailed planning. Managing a project will require you to keep track of all the details – Blueprints, work orders, change orders. Not to mention the paperwork needed from a human resources aspect. Plus, you’ll be expected to prudently manage each and every action you undertake for safety records. Luckily, contractors don’t need to be overwhelmed by the bulk of documenting and storing hardcopy paperwork, thanks to the many software solutions that are available today. The multitude of advantages of using contractor management software is undeniable.

Below are 5 Reasons Contractors Should Adopt Software

  • Improved Customer Management
  • Job-Site Management
  • Task Management
  • Job Scheduling
  • Timesheet Management

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Management Software Management (CRM)

The construction industry, more than any other industry relies upon remote work systems to manage customers and other essential components of running a successful business. From scheduling appointments to customer sales interactions, contractors can develop tangible results from a CRM.

Having a CRM  will help you manage interactions with past, prospective, and current customers. This will have a positive effect in boosting customer satisfaction and help keep everyone organized. You can track phone messages, emails, documents, appointments and more. Plus, it will be easier for you to locate and access all records whether you’re in the office or out in the field. This will allow you to provide better reports and your employees will be better positioned to manage relationships in the field. Lastly, a CRM will help eliminate double entry of records back at the office.

Bottom line is a software framework with customer management features will enable you to become more efficient, improve sales and decrease administration costs.

Job Site Management

Job-Site Management

If you are like most contractors, your job-site management systems are either handwritten notes or excel spreadsheets. Using a software tool will bring you into the new age of job-site management.

No more drowning in paperwork, you can now manage all your jobs in one place. Purchasing, invoicing, and organizing jobs will only take a few minutes and you will free up time for other important tasks to run your business.

A good piece of software will have a workflow that moves projects from the quotation phase right through to job-site management in a matter of a few simple clicks.  Useful in industries such as construction, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, landscaping, painting or any other trades. All of your jobs easily managed, giving you 100% control your business.

Task Management

Task Management

Want an instant competitive edge? Adopting software that includes a task management component will not only simplify your project management activities, it will set you apart from the competition.

Standard projects involve many components, many tasks, several details and cost items. If you don’t want these details to fall through the cracks, you can minimize your risks with a software solution that offers task management as one of its features.

A good task management system will help you keep track of your projects and associated financial information, create tasks and assign them to the right personnel, and alerts you to potential issues before they arise.

Task Management software as a stand-alone product isn’t as effective. Integration through the project management cycle to allow team members in different areas of the business to utilize and communicate with everyone. It should integrate vertically with all of your systems to seamlessly synchronize business data so you can manage projects more efficiently.

Job Scheduling

Job Scheduling

Managing your field workers on a whiteboard or excel sheet starts out simple, but as soon as one thing changes, it can take an hour of calls to get the schedule back under control.

Every contractor dreams of effective and productive job scheduling procedures down to finding better ways to increase productivity, quality, and profitability. Using a job scheduling software application enables projects to operate within a framework of best operational practices and gives you the information you need to keep the project on time.

Time Sheet Management

Timesheet Management

Believe it or not, many contractors still track employee time manually. These ineffective methods are subject to errors, not affordable and do not ensure the integrity of your data.

Timesheet management is often a part of construction software solution to help contractors both from a project management but also a financial management aspect.  You should be able to customize tracking on a project by project basis and break down the details so you can be aware of project status and financial aspects at all times.

Another benefit of timesheet management is the ability to lower your time and costs to do payroll. Most contractors lament about how they spend hours weekly or monthly compiling data for payroll requests. With a software solution, the payroll process is stress-free and compiling the data is done automatically.

Integrated Solution

You can find most of these tools as stand-alone products, however, finding a contractor software solution that has all of these features will allow you to improve your workflow, operate your business more efficiently and increase your bottom line. Most importantly, incorporating technology is a way of providing yourself with a competitive advantage in the industry, at the least of which is not being left behind as soon enough, your competition will be adopting these software solutions soon enough.

About ServiceBox

ServiceBox is a cross-platform leading service software that brings all of your business together in one simple, and powerful system. ServiceBox is available everywhere in the field and your office, and any type of device. ServiceBox gives you a competitive advantage in your industry.

We are are a leader in Service Management Software. No matter what industry you work in, ServiceBox can help you run a more efficient business and increase your bottom line.

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