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4 Strategies for Mobile Field Service Management Success

We all understand that mobile technology is taking over the world. However, the question is whether you are using this technology to enhance your business or not. After all, there is a difference between providing these technology devices to your field service agents and using the technology to enhance business and service delivery. When your service team is empowered with the field service management system, you will achieve streamlined communication between the technicians and the office staff to track billing, improve scheduling, and collect job payments through the application development for enterprise resource planning. Like any software tool in the technical world, coming up with the right strategies will improve success. Let us look at the tips for success.

Begin with buy-in

Many business owners have been known to invest in technology with no consulting the folks that will actually make use of it daily. That could result in irritation and a lack of motivation to use the software application in the field. Devote some time with your technicians to discover which features could help make their jobs easier, which features can be aggravating or burdensome, and exactly how these individuals imagine using software applications in order to enhance their operations. When you decide on a Field Service Management tool, make sure you set aside time training. With no proper training, new software is going to only result in problems and disappointment.

Data integration is crucial

Without a well-developed FSM solution, your field staff may possibly depend on paper work orders and invoices, passing these along to the office staff tasked with keeping data straightened out and updated. Data integration can get the manual task out of these jobs.

For example, if you make use of your FSM software in order to assign a task to a service technician, he or she will get an alert on their smartphone. When they access the calendar, they will see all the job information, including the client name and address, the nature of the job, and any other essential notes. Once they reach the work site, they can update the invoice with any additional line items, complete the job, and bill the customer on site. When the client pays, business office staff will get an alert and get access to the receipt. Data passes back and forth from the office to the field in real time, providing everybody from your service technicians to managers to marketing staff with essential information that helps them make quick decisions to improve your services.

Get insight into work status

You can’t be on every single job your company handles– you simply have to rely on that your service technicians are showing up on schedule, providing prompt service, and invoicing for their time properly. FSM software can help you keep an eye on your entire field service staff with features that allow service technicians to update the status of their work from the jobsite. For example, with the click of a button techs can notify you when they are actually on the way to a job site, when work starts, and when it is completed. If you have issues about a technician’s performance, you can keep an eye on their appointments to make certain your company offers the highest level of customer care.

Make payment easy on your clients

Most of us are used to a mobile world where we can purchase items at the click of a mouse, no matter where we are. Invoicing customers long after work is completed wastes precious time and makes an extra step for your clients. Numerous FSM tools have features that allow technicians to update invoices from the field and collect payment from customers who are willing to pay immediately. The moment customers pay, their receipts could be emailed right away, saving the office staff a step and optimizing your company’s cash flow.
Along with the right strategy and proper technician training, field service management software can streamline your business operations and improve customer service. The trick is to find user-friendly software that includes the features you and your staff need most.


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