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3 Tricks for Getting More out of ServiceBox

ServiceBox is a big program with lots of moving parts…so it may be there’s still a few tiny buttons and levers here and there you haven’t noticed, that could make your life simpler. Here’s 3 tricks for getting more out of our software:

1.   Email Confirmation Notes. “Did I or did I not email that quote?” We recently added an option in the features tab (Settings -> Plan -> Features) that allows you to automatically generate a note whenever a Quote, Work Order or Invoice is emailed. The note is small and simple, containing the recipient’s address, subject, body of the email, and the date. It stores in your “notes” tab. It’s a simple way to keep track of what went where, and you can turn on this option at the bottom of your Features tab, here:

2.   Automatic W.O. Status Changes. Generally speaking with ServiceBox, if you find yourself doing anything twice, there’s probably an easier way. That’s the whole point!  For instance, you can set up ServiceBox to automatically change the statuses on Work Orders when an invoice is submitted, so you don’t have to go back and do it manually. To make that happen, go to Settings -> Invoices -> Statuses, and you’ll see a column on the far right of the Invoice Statuses table called “Change Workorder to Status.” For each invoice status, you can set a corresponding Work Order status in that far right column to be automatically applied the moment the new Invoice status saves.

3.    Copying Materials from Quote to Work Order.  You don’t want to type any more than you have to, and we don’t want you to either. We’ve added in the option to copy all of the materials that are created inside the quote and move them into the Work Order automatically. This can really come in handy for technicians at a Job Site. Just go into the “Quotes” tab of your Settings, and check the box to make it happen on its own, every time.

If you want help with these or any other ServiceBox features, you can always reach our IT team through the “helpdesk” button in ServiceBox and we’d love to serve you!  Hopefully these three little tricks to help you save a couple minutes here and there. Now you can use that time for the really important things in life…like preparing a kick butt costume for the office party, or taking some sweet, sweet alone time with the Halloween candy before those darling Trick or Treaters get it all. Have a Happy Halloween!