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ServiceBox Features Release – Inventory – Version 8

Inventory is Here

ServiceBox Release 8.0

We’re proud to announce that we have successfully released the phase 1 inventory module into ServiceBox.  This has been something we have wanted to add to ServiceBox for a while and we are happy to announce that finally the time has come to release the Inventory into Production!  We’re really excited about how this will help those of you who keep inventory in your vehicles or in a specific location.  This release mostly contains inventory functionality but there are a few additional features as we continue to improve ServiceBox. 

Here are the details of the Inventory release. 


The inventory release contains the following sub functions: 

  • Inventory Management 
  • Quote Inventory Section 
  • Work Order Inventory Section 
  • Invoicing of Inventory Items 

The details of what you can do in these screens is below.  The inventory module is currently in Beta.

Inventory Management 

We view inventory as physical items that are located somewhere within your organization be it a head office, warehouse or even inside vehicles.  Our inventory module allows you to manage the inventory inside these locations by transferring items from one location to the next.  You can set reorder points for individual items to determine when the next group of items needs to be reordered.  Once new items are added in you can update the inventory amounts in different locations.   

Once you have inventory created and are managing the inventory for your organization, you will be able to create quotes that utilize inventory pricing.  For jobs that need to use inventory you can add inventory for Time and Materials jobs directly from the inventory location or you can pull the inventory items from the quote.  Once ready to bill to the customer you can include the inventory items sale price in the invoice. 

To summarize, your organization will be able to: 

  • Manage inventory for your organization 
  • Set reorder points for materials that need to be ordered 
  • Transfer items from one location to another location 
  • Create quotes that have inventory pricing 
  • Use inventory items in Work Orders (essentially pulling them from inventory). 
  • For quoted jobs, inventory can be pulled into a work order and allocated to that job. 
  • Set pricing for all inventory items so they can be generated into an invoice. 

For full details of the inventory section please click here. 

Quote Inventory Section 

When you have inventory enabled in your site, you will now notice in the pricing area of the Quote there will be an additional category called Inventory.  You will be able to choose the inventory items inside of the Quote where you can get a price for your customers. 

You can do the following with inventory within the quote: 

  • Check Availability of Inventory in all Locations 
  • Add new items to be added to the quote 

For full details of the how inventory is handled inside of a quote please click here. 

Work Order Inventory Section 

With Inventory added to your ServiceBox site we will include the ability for a user to utilize Inventory through the work order.  By selecting an inventory item inside of the work order, you will remove that item from inventory.  

You can do the following with inventory within the work order: 

  • Add new Inventory items to the work order.    
  • You can choose the Location of where the inventory item will be pulled from. 
  • You can automatically add inventory items from the Quote. 
  • You can transfer Inventory from one location to the next. 
  • Check Availability of Inventory in all Locations. 

For full details of how inventory is handled inside of the work order please click here. 

Invoices Inventory Section 

To bill a customer for inventory items you will need to add the inventory items and the prices for the items to the Invoice.  Inventory items cannot be added to the invoice directly.  You can continue to create invoices from quotes that contain inventory items.  If you are doing a time and materials invoice you can pull the inventory items from the work order and they will be added to the invoice.   

For full details of how inventory is handled inside of an invoice please click here. 

Export / Import Materials from Settings 

A requested feature from many of you has been for the ability to import and export materials lists from the Settings screen.  This feature will allow you to export all of the quote items or invoice items inside of ServiceBox so they can be edited and then imported.  This will allow for mass updates of items in settings.  Currently we have included this feature in Settings -> Quotes -> Quote Items. 

In this functionality you will be able to do the following: 

  • Export all items from the quote categories 
  • Export all pricebook info from the quote items 
  • Edit the items inside the spreadsheet and import 
  • Add new items inside the spreadsheet and import 
  • Adjust pricebook item values inside the spreadsheet and import. 

Other Bug Fixes 

  • Upgrade QuickBooks Online Authentication to Oauth2 
  • Work Order – Fix Error when deleting an item from a work order 
  • Upgrade Stripe API