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ServiceBox 8.0

It’s no secret that ServiceBox 8.0 was all about the Inventory. But while the guys were hard are work creating and testing and re-testing that monstrosity, we also found time for a couple other small items and fixes, and here’s some of them:

1. There is now a ‘Next Scheduled Date’ on the workorder search IF there is a scheduled item in the future for that workorder.

2. There was an issue with recurring work not copying over the signature requirements to new workorders, that is now fixed.

3. There is now a setting to print the payment reference when printing payments with an invoice. This setting is at the bottom of the settings ->invoice ->print page.

4. We’ve enhanced the email you receive from inventory import to show the rows or items that use to error out, and the message. At a minimum, it will give customers the ability to check on those items, and makes it a bit less mysterious.

5. There was a glitch with invoices for older ipads. They couldn’t edit a note. Some hard research uncovered a bug in the old version of safari (which is the engine used for all web views on the device) and the javascript that is minified on our server. We have made an adjustment and they should be able to edit the notes now.

6. When doing an invoice batch print, they can now filter on either customer of jobsite.

We love feedback from our customers…it helps us evolve, and give you a product that’s more relevant to your business.  Keep sending those suggestions via the black ‘Feedback’ button in ServiceBox, whether it’s something you think could work better, or an entirely new idea you don’t think we’ve considered at all.  We are continually monitoring your feedback for future releases.